Hans Device Adjustable



The revolutionary Hans Adjustable offers an all new design for vastly superior comfort regardless of the driver or vehicle set-up. The Adjustable can be easily adapted to any driver's torso through a unique system that allows for adjustments in 5-degree increments from 10-40 degrees. No longer do you have to purchase your Hans Device based on seat-angle and torso fit - One device can be adjusted for just about any driver or car! The device is made by an injection molding process using a metal alloy for strength, and a fire-resistant nylon coating. Metal fasteners that employ Spiralock technology enable a driver to adjust the legs of the HANS to alter the angle of the collar in five-degree increments:
Hans Adjustable Animation
At 970 grams, the Adjustable is lighter then the original Sport model (1,100 grams). All Adjustable models feature Hans' Sliding Tether system, allowing a comfortable, fuller range of motion.

Technical Information

• SFI 38.1 Approved
• Device adjusts in 5 degree increments, from 10 to 40 degrees
• One model fits all types of race cars and seats

Anchor Styles:

Hans Device Anchor Selection Chart

Note: Hans Anchors are available with or with-out backing plates. Many helmets are manufactured with a threaded, M6 insert bonded directly inside the helmet shell. If your helmet is equipped with this option, anchors are available without a backing plate for a slight savings in cost.


Hans Device Sizing Chart